Safe Distance Save Lives


Safe Distance Save Lives

We at New Horizon Media Arts Inc have taken the initiative to use the social platform to connect with people from different walks to life , in order to understand how are they handling this phase of social distancing and how has this has impacted their and their family’s well being. The need of the hour is to remain connected with your loved ones via digital media. We reached out to a mixed bag of people comprising of an Indian home maker, an international classical dancer, a dentist, a film actor, a social activist an industrialist and many more. Each one is coping with this crisis in their own way however the one common thing that surfaced from these interviews is that people have realized the importance of spending quality time with their families. Crisis of this magnitude has brought people together, we are in this together and we will emerge victorious eventually, an emotion endorsed by all.

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“Man is a social animal”, an important aspect of the human race, unfortunately for time being this aspect does not hold good anymore. Thanks to a deadly virus named COVID 19, that has brought the entire world to its knees. Forget nuclear war, this virus is so dangerous that it does not discriminate between the rich or the poor. Originated in Wuhan, now it has spread its tentacles all across the world. In order to contain the spread of this virus, governments across nations had to enforce lockdown of citizens in their own homes. Industries have come to a grinding halt, economies are staring towards an impending recession, citizens are anticipating pay cuts and job cuts, and the full impact will hit each one of us once the lockdown period is over. But till then , it is important for us to maintain our composure, sitting dormant within the four walls for one’s house can be nerve wracking as physical movement is restricted , social gatherings are barred , so the best way to utilize this downtime is to by making optimum utilization of technology available at our disposal.

Jayashree Rajamani

Arpita Chatterji

Shirin Ariff

Aziza Zareh

Abdullah Zakaria

Mokshi Virk

Sujay Jha

Aracelli Hernadez

Sandeep Bose

Shelley Jarrett

Ranjan Bakshi

Cheryl Jairaj

Seemant K Singh IPS IG

Geneva O Connor

Huma Haider

The Protest 2020

Roger Caesar

Lata Gullapalli

Rakesh Tiwari

Carl & Deanie

Aditya Seth- Filmmaker

Sean D- Actor

Ujjwal Roychowdhuri Nirupama

Karan Sehmbi

Steve Elliot

Hari Iyer