New Horizon Media Arts Senior Program

CalendarNew Horizon Media Arts Inc (NHMA) annually holds community events, engaging the South Asians in GTA, Canada. You are invited to join a 10-month-long program named, Freedom – Time of Your Life Celebration 2023, for FREE, aimed at supporting senior citizens. With the able leadership of senior experts, the project is comprehensively researched and designed.Eventbrite Freedom Link

Changemakers like You will boost your energy through volunteering in this noble cause. You will meet and work with exceptional groups and senior professionals. NHMA will showcase your active participation, healthy ageing, digital literacy programs, volunteering in the community, and empowerment through creativity and mentoring. Recording your memories will work as a positive motivator in future.

What are we proposing – Our theme: Independence through inclusion.

We promise to improve –

#1 the quality of life and well-being of seniors.

#2 the activity and sustained engagement of seniors.

#3 awareness of senior abuse including financial fraud.


Upcoming programs –

In-house activities – skill-sharing workshops, multi-generational information sessions, family meetup, Seniors’ economy

Virtual events – online job training, communication and leadership skill development, assistive technology, language club, speechcraft

Outdoor activity sessions – community walk, step tracker, fitness sessions


Summer 2023 : NHMA showcases immigrant experiences through various media platforms. We are sensitive to the situation of COVID-19, therefore have created a safe and welcoming forum for the diverse new populations. Our summer events for senior citizens are –

Fitness, Mental health, Music, Dance, Art, Creative writing, Photography, Skill development

Winter 2023 : We shall make an effective outreach in shopping, conveyance and meal delivery for senior participants from South Asian community. We shall reach out to long-term care facilities and retirement homes. Our winter events for senior citizens are–


Speechcraft, Storytelling, Outreach, Online job training, Information sessions


Senior program managers will steer the events. The leaders will give you practical support formulating a helping hand/accountability group.

Goals #1 Train you with personal healthcare.

#2 Build a community with innovative leadership each member reaching out to one new member each week.

#3 Set up a career exchange for seniors – skill sharing, life-long learning, professional support, internships and a fair.

Who is involved – NHMA, senior participants from GTA, senior volunteers, the expert panel of an immigration consultant, policymakers, financial consultant, outdoor coaches, health specialists, dietician and vocational facilitators.