Karan Sehembi

Karan Sehembi

Karan Sehmbi is an established Punjabi singer who has been entertaining people for five years and has gained fame in the Indian music industry. Some of his popular songs that have garnered over 5 million views on YouTube include Pyar Karan, Aameen and Photo which was featured in the popular Hindi movie Luka Chuppi. COVID-19 has impacted the world in many ways and the singer shared his personal experience and viewpoint below.

Currently, everyone is struggling to cope with the pandemic, but we’re all in this together. Most industries are facing a very tough and unexpected time, but I believe that there are both positive and negative sides to every situation that teaches us something important. Today, we are maintaining social distancing norms unlike before when we would go to crowded places (restaurants and malls) regularly which would cause chaos and increase the risk of spreading diseases that we are unaware of. Now we are hyper aware of the consequences and problems we can face from going to crowded places or touching something that could potentially be infected. My recommendation to everyone is to take care of yourselves, your family, loved ones by reminding them to wear masks, sanitize themselves, and follow the advice of our experts at all times.

When it comes to my personal life, I like to keep it private and not share it with everyone in public. I have been asked multiple times by my fans about it as well. My personal life is quite small and revolves around my family members- mother, brother, and cousins. I live with some of my brothers but video chat with my mother who’s in Chandigarh every day. Besides that, I put invest most of my mental energy and time into advancing my professional career. Having said that, I’m also aware about my female fan following on social media. However, I’ve never really noticed that. I’m aware of all the love and support I’ve received from everyone, not only girls. Most people (fans) reach out to me and ask questions about the gym I go to or the diet I’m following. I want to say thank you and send lots of love to everyone who follows me and enjoys my music.

Many people have wondered and asked me whether singing was my field of interest since childhood or if I got here through luck. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s my field of interest as I was not always aware of my singing talent. I was in either grade 6 or 5 and while playing games in our classroom my teacher asked me what I was talented in? He asked me to come forward and showcase my talent. There were around 40- 50 students and I didn’t feel comfortable enough to dance so I decided to sing a song. When I began singing the first few lines, I felt different and couldn’t believe that it was my voice. Everyone appreciated me that day and I realized my talent in singing. After that I competed in a few singing competitions and also became a finalist in Voice of Punjab in 2011. My professional career in singing began after PTC that brought me here.

As you all may know that the entertainment industry has been impacted severely especially in India due to the lockdown in the country. Discussion on this subject has been taking place every day amongst everyone including artists, DJ, and event organizers. I have been told that they have been notified that everything is closed until October. Everything depends on the number of cases that India gets and the extent to which we can manage it. Currently the music industry has completely stopped working although shooting has begun. However, we haven’t been getting the same response from people the way we did when we had live shows. Social media has continued to remain the strongest platform as we are all able to stay connected through these tough times.

When asked to share a message to the youth, Sehmbi said “I would like to say that we have just one life and this is the time to stay connected and happy with our loved ones. We didn’t bring anything to this world nor are we going to take anything with us. Just ignore negativity, show your positive side, spread love and stay happy always”.