Hear Me Synopsis

“Being a student is the best time of one’s life, but for an international student, the case is not the same. Student life in a home country is easy in many different ways, but in a foreign country, some unknown challenges and barriers can affect mental health and become a barrier to success.”

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Verbal storytelling is an ancient art. “Hear me” will showcase many international students who will share and narrate their stories on this platform.
Sally from Jamaica, Harpreet from India, Maqbool from Afghanistan, Sam from Mexico, Xing Li from Honk Kong has one familiar story.
They are all International students. Sally says she was super excited to come to Canada, and then everything changed when she agreed to work for cash. “I wanted my PR, and so I agreed, never knew I would enter the escort business.” Each episode will talk about an issue an international student gets into; this will be juxtaposed with a panel discussion who will view the story and discuss and provide comments and feedback. The Hindi translation will be “Meri Suno” as well.

The panellists could be social workers, filmmakers, lawyers, previous government officials, educationalists, financial advisors, and consultants. Diversity and authenticity will be kept in mind while designing the stories.