Freedom 23

Freedom 23is an event to celebrate our Freedom of Speech. An event where different communities will join hand in hand to celebrate social justice. As a democracy, every citizen has a right to speak with complete freedom; every citizen can share their views on anything they like to, but sometimes our rights get volatile without us even knowing. And that’s why we have Freedom 2023, a day where there will be speeches that will inspire you, dance performances that will fill you with zeal along with a lot of inspiration.We will be having Musicians , Handicrafts and great food.Founded in Mississauga, New Horizon Media Arts is an organization that spreads social justice in society through different shows and projects. Currently we are the proud recipient of the New Horizon Senior Grant We have designed a year long programs for seniors.

In Freedom 2023 we will be honoring non profit organization , senior professionals.

We will be donating our profits to Amazing Hope Foundation Non profit.