Freedom 21

Freedom 2021, an event to celebrate our Freedom of Speech. An event where different communities will join hand in hand to celebrate social justice. As a democracy, every citizen has a right to speak with complete freedom; every citizen can share their views on anything they like to, but sometimes our rights get volatile without us even knowing. And that’s why we have Freedom 2021, a day where there will be speeches that will inspire you, dance performances that will fill you with zeal along with a SDSL Book preview. 

We are having a complete show packed for you, starting from the National Anthem by Ujjwal Roy Chowdhury & Team then moving forward to introduce you all to Nasir Molla the ambassador of Magic 21 and a Grass root Social Worker from Sunderban, West Bengal. Nasir Molla, an inspiration to the society, is making girls self-reliant through his efforts and teaching them self defence to stand in front of this world. Then we will have a session of Let’s Talk Show by Ekta Wadhwa and Magic 21 by Kavya Saigal. 

Founded in Mississauga, New Horizon Media Arts is an organization that spreads social justice in society through different shows and projects. Currently, we have three other projects going side by side. With Magic 21 being the latest followed by Let’s Talk and Safe Distance Save Lives.

Through Magic 21, New Horizon Media Arts Inc Canada (Non – Profit) pays a tribute to all those who are grieving and want to bring the magic in the life of 21 Children who have lost someone in the time of Covid. We will be inviting these children as guests to showcase various talents like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, painting, clay modeling, photography, writing, acting, directing, Public speaking.

Let’s Talk; a show where every time we promote a figure of speech by discussing topics that are related to you and no one wants to talk about. In every show, we have an expert that excelled in their field and helps us to understand things that as an outsider to that field is hard to know about.

In the series we have Safe Distance Save Lives; where we got the privilege to have a conversation with different people of the society and talk about the impact of Corona on their lives individually. We had several interviews available on our YouTube Channel and some of the interviews are also available in the written format through a book that we have published.

What do we want from you?

To all the attendees, you will not only be listening to other stories but you will also get a chance to share your Freedom Story, and share your thoughts on according to you What is true Freedom?

Also, if you have a freedom story that you want to share with the world then we at New Horizon Media Arts will provide you a platform to do so. You can pen down your stories and share them with us at Just one request, I want you to share an original story and not someone else’s work.