What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Everyone has a different definition of freedom. But we can all agree that without the freedom -to think, to speak and to act- we as a society would not be able to progress forward. This event was created to celebrate the various kinds of freedom that we are privileged to have and to acknowledge that we need to use our freedoms to help those who who are suffering. Because everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of freedom.

Mallika Sothinathan

Our Hosts


Glynis D’Souza

Glynis is a coach who helps individuals and teams develop the ability to become aware of their potential and thus grow their business result. Her passion is for leading people to discover, maximize and lead with their inner strengths while offering advanced strategies to achieve higher levels of performance.


Ven Virah

Ven Virah is an award winning motivational speaker and a certified World Class speaking coach. Affectionally known by many as “the Brown Tony Robbins”, Ven loves to light the room with infectious energy, contagious humor and attractive optimism!

Our Speakers

Shehmeen Allidina

The winner of our Freedom Story Contest. Shehmeen is a young woman who decided to break free from social norms to follow the mantra that holds a lot of weight to her – “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told” (Alan Keightley). She traveled with her husband, Mohsin, for 500 days across 23 countries and now has a lot about the journey to share.


Svetlana Ratnikova

With a passion for positive change and big ideas, Svetlana is the founder of Immigrant Women in Business. Her main drive is to make the world more compassionate, innovative and sustainable. She focuses on helping people and looking for an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. She truly believes that inspiring motivation is what gets the best from people, and foster collaborative atmosphere that lets people to stretch their limits.

Huria Kiran

When Huria landed in Canada in 2008, she lived in a huge joint family system where she faced oppression and abuse for seven years. She went against family tradition and got divorced in 2014 as a single mom of two young girls. Without any family and financial support, she struggled but built herself. Today, she runs her own insurance brokerage, conducts several community awareness events, and received several awards for her services. She has become a symbol of women empowerment.


Jacqueline Dixon

Jacqueline Dixon graduated from the University of Toronto and a Certified Sales Professional and Trainer. She is also an Entrepreneur, Author and qualified Professional Speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. As an expert with over 25 years’ experience within the Sales and Marketing industry, Jacqueline has taken the knowledge gained from her tremendous success to form a Speakers Platform called New Era Communications. A gifted and powerful speaker, Jacqueline delivers a series of training programs and riveting talks that have left her audiences captivated, inspired and empowered!

Azizah Zareh

A Feminist and Gender Equality Activist, Azizah is an experienced Advisor with a history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA), she uses her skills in Policy Analysis, Government, Program Evaluation, Strategic Planning, and Strategy, to help organizations reach their fullest potential.


Annie Bai

Annie Bai is a Mississauga based Toastmaster who took 1st place in 2019 district 86 International speech contest. She contributes her time as an active social worker and motivates many others via her amazing speeches. She strongly believes in Self-love and shares that message with everyone through her speeches. She is also a Zumba instructor who engages her audience with lively movements after her speeches.

Madan Chauhan

Madan Chauhan is the President of Malton Community Toastmasters, a member of IPC Toastmasters Club and District 86 Area 41 Director representing four clubs in Mississauga. He has sponsored two Gavel Clubs to teach teenagers under 18 better communication and leadership skills. He also helps seniors present at least one speech a week. For his work in improving the community and lives around him in such a significant way, he was recognized with “The Member Making A Difference Award”.


Roger Caesar

Roger Caesar is the proud owner of Caesar Transport Inc., a long-running business that helps make other businesses more efficient and profitable by delivering products in perfect condition on time. He is an avid believer of giving back to the community, donating to the Sick kids hospital and Knights Table in Brampton. He is a huge contributor to the Youth leadership and Gavel club programs. Roger is a three-time Toastmasters district champion and a three-time semi-finalist at the World Championships of public speaking in 2015 and 2016. Today, Roger is a motivational speaker who helps others develop their speaking skills and maximize their greatness.

Nikolina Ivankovic

Nikolina shares her personal story and experience as a refugee in a war-torn Bosnia. She was a member of classical and Latino American dance group. Due to the war in Bosnia, dancing for fun was one of the many things she lost amongst the ruins of her homeland. But when she came to her new home in Canada, she once again found the freedom to dance again and rediscovered many things about herself.


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