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About New Horizon Media Arts

Founded in Mississauga, New Horizon Media Arts started with a handful of creative people who came together to create a feature-length documentary about domestic workers in India. Over time, we realized that many social issues and stories needed to be researched, explored, and showcased to the world through the camera’s eyes.

With a background in journalism and media and an eye for heart-felt storytelling, we capture and make unique content on film in the form of documentaries, web series, and even corporate films. Our in-depth research, stunning cinematography, and detailed editing ensure that we create an incredible video every time.

More than anything, we are driven to creating solid content that leaves a lasting impact on viewers and has the potential to improve lives.

Our Team

Mallika Sothinathan


Mallika Sothinathinathan iscurrently the Director of New Horizon Media Arts and has been associated with several TV channels in India like Zee and ETV when she was an Indian citizen. She migrated to Canada in 1999 and is a Canadian citizen. She has a Master’s in Mass Communication from Mass Communication Research Center Delhi.  Mallika is writing a book and has completed a film on the domestic workers of India. This film currently submitted at Hot Doc festivals and will be doing the festival rounds. The film touches on their daily struggle, violence, human trafficking and empowerment.  She has 19 years’ experience in retail, 7 years operation management and 12 years in planogram and data design and analytics. Prior to retail, she worked in the TV industry in India. She loves to write, travel and has a passion for public speaking. She has a 17-year-old son, who loves technology.

Mallika can speak and write 4 South Asian languages. She is an activist and advocate for women and children’s rights.  She is currently enrolled in her first year in the Social Service Worker Program.


Laboni Akter


Laboni is a software engineer. She has studied at Centennial college; recently she is a student of Harvard University in Data Science of Software engineering. She has started a new career in film industry in 2018 though working in feature film “Daughter’s Kingdom” , “Absolution”. Then she worked another short film project “Fallen Flowers” with the same filmmaker. She also got opportunities to work on 48 hours film challenging projects in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, she has got a great opportunity to work with Mallika Sothinathan in the documentary web series “save distance save lives” and “Let’s Talk Show” as an editor, segment director, assistant director, direcyor, and production help. Her upcoming project is a documentary film about “Sondarbon”. At the same time she is contributing her hard work to another feature film “The full Moon”, “The Journey” in film industry. Moreover, she is working on her own film that’s under pre-production. Even, she has created a website for a filmmaker/actor/writer. She is a very friendly, dedicated, hard working and committed person.


Ekta Wadhwa

Creative Director

Results-oriented internationally-trained social and community development professional with a strong academic background and extensive work experience in the areas of media, counseling and training for non-profit and non-governmental organizations. She obtained a Masters in Mass Communication along with a post-graduate diploma in Advertising and Public Relations. Recognized as a highly committed global-minded professional dedicated to making a difference in the lives of developing communities. Her career reflects an innovative and positive approach to diversity and individual difference to enrich the social fabric. Successfully managed a wide array of educational projects including research and networking with varying stakeholders for businesses, communities, NGO’s and governmental organizations and agencies.


Mallika Jain

Post Production Director

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Yashaswi Vig

Digital Content Manager

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Ritu Neb

Creative Consultant

Ritu is leader interested in dance, fitness and women’s issues. She is interested in helping others while bringing a positive style and enthusiasm to any project or working relationship.

Even though she had challenging times in her life she got up and started again from scratch. She started her own web design company Elegant Media in 2007 and eventually found satisfaction in entrepreneurship. In 2015 she found her other passion – Dance. She is a Founder and Director of Pure Soul Energy Dance Academy. She has been teaching dance for over 6 years. Ritu has received wide acclaim for her deep commitment to the dance and expressive style.

She is a professional expressive dance Instructor and experienced in teaching both Bollywood dance and Bollyfit classes.

Ritu and other members of the performance group have shared their Pure Soul Energy at numerous events across the GTA. The Dance Academy provides classes to seniors, kids, youth & adults.

Her background doesn’t end at dance but she is gifted with multiple talents.

She was able to recognize her gifts and embraced them. Few of other things she do are acting and her documentary Sree was showcased at ONIFF (Ontario International Film Festival). She is recognized member of Toastmasters and achieved highest designation Distinguished Toastmasters award. She is a Co-Author of Book “The Power Within” by Canadian Small Business Women.

Ritu is involved in multiple organizations volunteering her time – Hindu Heritage Centre Temple and Peel Multicultural Council


Siddharth Tanwar


Graduate in Film Making and Diploma in Video Editing and Compositing, A Post Production Artist Expert in Editing, Graphics, Animation, Titling, Colour Correction, Sound Mixing.

Works to achieve the best final film outcome, with the goal of telling the story in the most effective and compelling way, contributes to the quality of the final outcome.



Ayush Das


Ayush Das is a travel, wedding, lifestyle, documentary cinematographer/ photographer based in Mumbai and also the creator of his company Strange Sadhu. He teams up with you to come up with unusual yet powerful images that reflect emotions. His USP lies in capturing the beauty of the details and the spontaneity of the moment. Das has acquired his cinematography skills at a renowned Film Institute in Mumbai. He also specializes in candid, contemporary and documentary photography. You can find him on his instagram @ayushdas and twitter @ayushdas


Maloshree Sanyal


Maloshree Sanyal is a travel, lifestyle and a documentary photographer/cinematographer based in New Delhi. She is a travel enthusiast and specialises in nature and street photography. She has done her post graduate in film production, direction, photography/cinematography and broadcast journalism from an institute based in New Delhi. She also has a keen interest in exploring cultures and people and has a knack for writing, painting and travel blogging. You can reach her on email at maloshree4@gmail.com or maloshree@icloud.com


Alex Das


Alex Das is the Film Editor of Crossing the River India. His passion for film started early as he started writing screenplays at the age of 10 and created movies with his brothers. He graduated from Ryerson University with a Certificate in Film Studies and a Diploma in Business from Sheridan College. His sense of story telling, his vivid imagination and pacing brings projects to the next level.

He is currently the Creative Producer for HDS Media Productions, a Company which specializes in short films and corporate videos.


Carroll Chiramel


Carroll was born in Mumbai, India. He started as an assistant film editor in Bollywood before moving to Canada. A film Graduate from Sheridan College, he has edited several short films such as White Lock, Meet the Parents, Goddam Sensitive Man, Abnegation, Forbidden Tikka Masala and and feature films such as Under the Same Sun, Get the Sucker Back. His works have been showcased at the Toronto Short Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, Milledgeville Film Festival, Amsterdam film festival and to name a few. Working in Indian and Canadian Cinema has helped him inculcate an astute sense of both Indian and international cinema, a blend of which becomes the hallmark of his works. His post production studio is well equipped with professional editing and colour grading setup to deliver a high quality films. Carroll will shortly take his next step as director and producer.

Colin D’Cruz


Colin D’Cruz got into music as a bassplayer with resident bands at some of the finest hotels in India. Ten years of six nights a week gigs, laid the foundation for a long and chequered career that took him through just about every genre of music, collaborating with all kinds of musicians, on assignments all over the world. An open mind, open ears and ‘best is yet to come’ philosophy keeps him in tune with evolving sounds of music and widens his musical horizons on a continuous basis. Colin may perform several different genres of music, with various ensembles, at any given point of time but he always finds himself at home with jazz- the most open, alive and evolving form of music. Colin currently produces music out of his own studio and continues to perform all over India as well as internationally.  You can reach him at @colinbassman

Daniela Pinto


Daniela is a composer, sound editor, and re-recording mixer based in the Greater Toronto Area. Although she once tried to pursue a ‘practical’ career in law, her artistic inclinations eventually steered her toward a career in film instead. Outside of making and watching movies, she enjoys cooking, learning new instruments, and playing video games.

Ujjwal Roy Chowdhury (Rickie)


Ujjwal Roy Chowdhury Rickie is an Indian Composer, Music Producer, Film score Composer, Multi instrumentalist and Singer known for his work in international and Indian Music Industry including Bollywood , Bengali, Punjabi, Uttarakhand, Marathi, Rajasthani, Odiya, Gujarathi etc. He is mostly known for his works for films, Commercial add films, TV series, Music albums and Background Scores. ONGOING PROJECTS : VICKSY (Hindi Film), CHORABALI ( Bengali Film), BHAANI DARMYANI (Kumaoni)