Magic 21

About Magic 21

To every dusk, there is a dawn, whether it is the one you create or the one given to you. And that’s why New Horizon Media Arts, a non-profit organization, is here to fill everyone’s lives with lights of joy and some happy moments in this challenging time.

Right now, the entire world is suffering from the spread of the deadly CoronaVirus; However, the vaccination process is going on, but Covid has already taken some lives, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Children of young ages have been left alone without their parents, their support system, and no one can feel what they are going through. Neither can we, but we are taking a step to give them something to enjoy amidst their loss.

India has been declared to be in the second place when it comes to the spread of Covid -19. It is no less than a Tsunami. The disease has not spared any age or any place. Everyone here is affected. Currently we need hope, and Our children are our hopes.

We need to salute the children of India who have given up a lot, like playing outside, enjoying outdoors, holding a friend’s hand, going to school, playing cricket in the sun, watching a favorite movie. This pandemic has forced them to suffer in silence. Many of them have lost a loved one and are grieving silently.

New Horizon Media Arts Inc Canada (Non – Profit) wants to pay a tribute to all those who are grieving and wants to bring the Magic 21 children (Ages 8 -14) on an online stage, and they will spread positive vibes through their talents. We will be inviting these children as guests. They will showcase singing, dance, play musical instruments, painting, clay modelling, photography, writing, acting, directing, Public speaking.

Why do this program?
One more question came to me about what you are giving judges.
Currently I do not have sponsors.
All the money will be going on prizes and production.
True no financial returns but this will be a service to children of India who are silently grieving. The reason to do this is to support the grieving children. Many have them have lost parents and grandparents and are cooked in their homes.
So, thanks to all the volunteers for your support!

Eligibility: This competition is open to India only.
Age: 8-14 Years
No of Episodes: 8
Tentative Broadcast Start Day TBD

A Walk Through to the Magic 21 Talent Hunt Competition

Magic 21 Talent Hunt Competition, a place where talent meets opportunity. A competition where there are no limitations to the type of talent you possess, but instead, everyone will look at how passionate you are for that particular talent.

The Magic 21 Talent Hunt Competition will take place virtually in a 4 Round Event, where each round will hold different challenges and even greater opportunities. The rounds for the competition are as follow:
Round 1: The Audition
Round 2: The Knowledge Test
Round 3: The Ultimate Showdown
Round 4: The Web Series

Round 1: The Audition

In this round, the participants need to fill an online form available on our website available in both Hindi and English language. Along with the online form, every participant must submit a link for a 2-minute private youtube video to showcase their talent. This form is only available for Indian Kids who are falling between 8 to 14 years.

Round 2: The Knowledge Test

From the submitted forms, based on the skills represented by the kids, judges will select participants for Round 2. In this round, a private quiz link will be shared with the candidate chosen by the judges . Along with that, every participant must write an essay about their passion and how their passion is helping them in the covid situation where there is no going outside. This round will end on June 15th, with judges making the final selections out of the total submitted applications.

Round 3: The Ultimate Showdown

Based on Round 2, the judges will select the final candidates and announce them on 1st July Canada Day. And all the selected candidates will be going to showcase their talent at the July 18th Freedom Event.

Round 4: The Web Series

After completion of the competition, all the prize winners in the competition will be featuring in a web series of 6 episodes going telecasted online. All the prize winners will get a huge opportunity to exhibit their talent in front of the competition world.