Let’s Talk Show Season 2

Lets Talk show was started in the Covid years . The Season one  show included interviews of influencers , various non profit organizations, and promoted community project. These were turbulent years in the world. Lets talk focused on key issues of life  Health , Food and Shelter . There was no funding no budget , just dedicated group individuals put their heart and soul in to it  and brought this news alive .

Hosted by Ekta Wadhwa, Ritu Neb, and Mallika Southinathan, Let’s Talk is one of a kind show where we talk with different sections of the society and discuss what they are going through amidst the Covid Pandemic.

Every person is different, and their way of dealing with situations is also very other, and we believe that sharing their views globally can help someone overcome these challenging times.

We are very please to bring to you Let’s Talk Show Season 2  this year on March 25th .Please  stay tuned at 11 am to 12 noon