Mission: At New Horizon Media Arts, we create, educate, distribute, and teach vulnerable groups social justice media content globally. We will teach the immigrant population to create audio and video resources that will inspire Values & Believes. At New Horizon, we believe in sharing real stories safely and educate through social media responsible for advocating immigrant issues that involve a cross-section of diverse, multicultural populations in Canada.

Vision: New Horizon Media Arts Inc strives to be involved with the immigrant communities in Canada and help share real-life immigrant experiences through various media platforms. At NHHF, we are well aware of the situation created by Covid 19, and that’s why we have created a safe forum for diverse new populations in the country where they can share their stories, which can help them formulate new policies programs.


What do we do?

We believe in telling stories that directly impact lives through the form of visual content. In our multiple years of functioning, we have created several awards winning documentaries and shows.
Whether helping kids fight the trauma of losing their parents or reviving an old art form, we do it with our whole heart and passion.
We have a team of young and experience working together to create something unique every single time. Whether it is a documentary, web series, or corporate film, we always deliver excellence.
Hope is a great word, and with our actions at New Horizon Media Arts, we are turning it into reality.